Feeling Understood

Feeling Understood


Let’s talk about ‘that chair’. Yes, hard surface, cold to touch, clinical smell and it reclines us to another world. A place which can be very different tor all of us. How do you feel when you think about ‘that dental chair’?

For some this can be an extraordinary one hour experience of relaxation and enjoyment. A time to be with your own thoughts or a good confident a few times a year. Perhaps a place which inspires a personal satisfaction that you are taking good care of yourself. Unfortunately, for others, the mere thought of a dental appointment can invoke anxiety and fear to such a high degree that their palms start sweating, heart rates increase and they may experience little if any sleep the night before a dental hygiene (DH) cleaning.  On many occasions I have experienced individuals in a waiting room with a full stream of tears evolving to fully crying from fear of being in the dental chair. This mild to severe dental anxiety can lead to some people not seeking good dental health practices for which they are entitled.



After 27 years of working with people in DH I learned to keep in mind that each of us is on our own path and that we all achieve our health goals differently. Through active listening and understanding individuals are able to feel understood, this means you are working in alignment with their concerns. Through facing the unknown together in a shared, supportive environment anxious people are often able to walk through their fears and thus accomplish treatment which seemed unobtainable.



If you feel you would like to explore what your dental health could be, well I am happy to share that this experience can be available to you. Whether that is chewing with no pain, talking without fear of bad breath or smiling with confidence. Health is a lifelong journey….not a destination. It’s an ongoing active process where the journey is thoughtfully considered along the way. Yes, life can begin at the end of your comfort zone.



My vision is to help you shape a path for dental awareness and then create appropriate treatment that fit into your life today and the changes along the way. Make no mistake in undervaluing the importance of great dental health. When you are living in a world of good health, i.e. chewing well, eating all the types of food you want; talking, laughing and smiling feely and openly you may not be focused or aware of your health at all. However, the opposite may be true if life is in constant discomfort, i.e. maybe loss of muscle weight due to inability to eat meat; difficulty working or sleeping due to pain/irritation; or the fear others may judge you for not having a becoming smile or wearing false teeth. At this cross road, health becomes the forefront, a most important factor in our lives.



The wellbeing of your mouth and teeth is often seen as one of the most feared and avoided health areas. Imagine a DH experience that invokes positivity, happiness and optimism. When we are tuned into good experiences, our bodies heal, we see new possibilities and feel powerfully energized to act on our body’s needs. You no longer need to avoid the dental chair or hygiene appointment but instead can feel relaxed and capable of being guided and supported to make the best dental health decisions for yourself. The first being to start taking care of your dental health and book that appointment.


See you in the chair.


Lisa McEachern


MV Dental


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